We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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Player Health

Player health is one of the most important aspects of the Fort Hunt Rugby program.


USA Rugby Medical and Safety Guide

First of all, no player may participate in Fort Hunt Rugby practices or matches unless they are registered through FHYAA.  This is not about money; this is a requirement of the FHYAA liability insurance policy.

Second, all Fort Hunt Rugby players must register with USA Rugby, to be covered under their liability program. This includes a physically signed copy of the USA Rugby waiver, turned in to coaches.

All players must be healthy enough to take part in training, and in matches.  This determination lies solely with the coach.  Inputs from players and parents are crucial, but the final decision will always rest with the coach.  Despite a player's protestation that he/she is ready to train or play, and despite a parent's assertion that the player is ready to take part, the coach has the ultimate responsibility for the decision.

Physical Examinations

All high school players are strongly encouraged to have a valid physical exam.

The Minute Clinic in the CVS pharmacy at the Belle View shopping center offers walk-in physicals for approximately $50. Individuals must bring the blank VHSL physical form and full ID for the parent and child. Brining the child's shot record is a good idea.

Doctors Express on Route 1 near Dunkin Donuts does sports physicals for $30. Parents must bring the blank VHSL form and the child's shot record: Doctors Express of Mt. Vernon, 7609B Richmond Highway, 703-347-9440.

Reporting Health Issues to Coaches

For all players, for all seasons, and for all situations, both players and parents must inform the Fort Hunt Rugby coaching staff of existing physical/medical conditions, player restrictions, allergies, medications, and all other issues that could affect the health or performance of their Fort Hunt Rugby player. This includes discussion/disclosure of medications and prior injuries, and any changes to a player's health which occurs during the season.


Fitness: The best way to avoid injury is to be fit to begin with.

  • A fit player is less likely to be injured.
  • A fit player is a leader.
  • A fit player will play longer and more usefully, in training and in matches.
  • A fit player is a better asset to his/her team, and enhances the team's chances of success.
  • A fit player will be more engaged in practices, and therefore will learn more, and more quickly.
  • A fit player will be more engaged in matches, and therefore will be more effective, play longer, and have more fun.
  • A fit player increases his/her team's chances of success.
  • A fit player is much more likely to be seen by select side coaches, and is more likely to be chosen for select side teams.

Health-Related Prohibitions

Part of the Fort Hunt Rugby player’s, coach’s and parent/spectator’s codes of conduct is the pledge not to use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs while engaged in Fort Hunt Rugby activities. This includes both practices and matches. Use of any of these will adversely affect one’s health.

This alcohol/tobacco/drug policy includes parents/spectators. Specifically, no parent/spectator may use tobacco or alcohol at or near training or playing areas. If you need to smoke or dip, you need to find another location to do so, away from the field.


Rugby is a highly taxing physical sport, whether touch or tackle.

Player hydration for practices is the responsibility of the player--bring water!  Player hydration for matches will be handled by the team.

Hydration and prevention of heat injuries is very important during our summer season.

  • Players are the first line of defense, responsible to properly prepare themselves for practicing and playing, and are responsible for monitoring themselves as they participate.
  • Parents also must monitor all participants for signs of heat injury.
  • Coaches will actively monitor all players, and will adjust workout times/playing periods and breaks to account for heat and the need for hydration and rest.