We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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Who plays?
For all programs, only players who are properly attired, prepared and fit may play.  A player in a tackle program who does not have a personally fitted mouthguard will not play (Fort Hunt Rugby and Rugby VA policy).  Players who are ill or injured or otherwise determined by the coaching staff as unfit to play will not play; this is in the player's best interest.

Only fully registered players will play in matches. "Fully registered" means the player has registered with both FHYAA and USA Rugby, and is a member in good standing with the club, having paid the registration fee.

For the high school teams, as a varsity-level program, the best players will take the field.  That being said, only fuly registered players are permitted to play.  Additionally, players who do not come to training are not eligible to play in matches.
Playing Up/Down

For high school, all 9-12 players are high school players--there is no playing up or down. That being said, usually older players--juniors and seniors--make up the A side, and play against similar players. It is rare for freshmen to play for the A side; we will field JV and freshman/sophomore sides for novices and younger players, and will schedule matches against like teams.  Only high school students may play high school rugby; younger players are not allowed to play up.
Showtime for all matches, home or away, is minimum one hour before scheduled kickoff. This is specified by the respctive coach.  Players who arrive early or on time will start, and may well have a choice in what positions they play; players arriving late run the risk of not starting, and have considerably less say in what positions they play.

Individual team coaches may set different showtimes for their teams.
Away Games
We will play away matches throughout northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and beyond.  The high school program will travel extensively, to the Peninsula region, to Pennsylvania, and beyond for matches and tournaments. 

Carpooling is always an option for travel, for all programs.  We will work this out on a match-by-match basis. The meeting place for carpooling pickup and drop-off is set by the individual team coach.
Fort Hunt Policies
FHYAA policy prohibits alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs at all events. This goes for practices and home and away matches, and goes for players, coaches, and attending parents/supporters.
Click here for player, coach, and parent/supporter codes of conduct.