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Fort Hunt Rugby Players' Code of Conduct
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Fort Hunt Rugby Player Code of Conduct

As a Fort Hunt Rugby player, I promise:
-- I will be a role model and example for all forms of proper conduct, in training and in matches.  I will do my best to demonstrate maturity and sportsmanship.  When unsure, I will look to my coach(es) for guidance.
-- I will know the Laws of the Game, and will abide by them.  When unsure, I will ask my coach(es) or a match official.
-- I will show respect for opposing coaches and players, before, during and after matches, and participate with my team in appropriate post-match demonstrations of sportsmanship and congratulations, whether win, lose or draw.
-- I will show respect for referees at all times, and will never question their officiating.
-- I will show respect for all facility rules and regulations, and will demonstrate respect for others’ property.

-- While engaged in Fort Hunt Rugby activities, I will not use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

-- I will conduct myself in a manner which will bring respect and admiration to my team and to my club.