We are a youth rugby club established in 2006, offering a year-round tackle rugby program for youth, middle school, and high school boys and girls.

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2019 Annual General Meeting

8 September 2019

Present: John Dacey, Jared Nugent, Michael Dennis, Jennifer Dennis, Kat Aversano, Dale Roach, Mike Beckner, Andy Vonada, JJ Fagan, a Gators mom and player

President’s Opening Remarks:

  • This is 15th year of the organization
  • Because boys won state championship, anonymous donor buying new jerseys; boys will have 10-year Warriors badge added to jerseys with 5 stars for state championships; girls also are creating a special 10-year anniversary logo.
  • Rugby is the least expensive sport for FHYAA – We ran in 2018 with around a $1200 surplus and are budgeting around a $4500 surplus for this year, including the purchase of yard signs, equipment, magnets.  Built-in surplus supports our “scholarships” for players who can’t pay
  • There are board positions open in FHYAA for anyone interested in participating.

Previous Secretary: Kara Lang not present – teams all agree communications are good; no other communications/Secretary issues to discuss.

Treasurer’s report: mentioned in President’s Remarks.  Final/Approved budget emailed to club leadership after the meeting.

                The club is solvent; we are doing well with funds.

                We have approximately $11,000 in our FHYAA surplus, for us to call upon if/when we need it.

                Dues: The Treasurer proposed keeping 2019-2020 dues at $200 for HS and $125 for MS/Youth; this was agreed.


Warriors Head Coach Report – Boys are doing well. 

  • Boys Varsity won state championship again – Ranked 7th nationally in a season where we lost 4 games.  All 4 games were lost to nationally-ranked teams.   Will be going back to Nationals in Salt Lake City in 2020.  No international tour in 2020, but will tour in 2021.  Will be participating in MAPL again – Will play Charlotte again, Xavier in Philly, a tournament at University of Kentucky where we’ll face Royal Irish and others.
  • 9th and 10th Grade Boys also won state JV championship, and won the South Regional RCT – Ranked 2nd in the nation among state select-side JV rankings (the only club side in the ranking). 
  • Club took a tour of Ireland – Played two very competitive games, but also took part in a tour of Connemara, the Killarney Adventure Center, and a day of traditional Irish hurling.  Overall a fantastic trip.  Many boys participated in international tours over the summer, Canada, Ireland – Charlie Martell represented HS All-American XVs, and Arty Wagner represented in All American 7s.
  • Coach Nugent will be starting pre-season skills practices at WestPo on September 15th.
  • We lost Coach Lang to the DC Furies women’s team, but have a replacement Warriors coach in Mike Beckner—thank you for volunteering.

Gators Head Coach Report:

  • HS Girls
    • Cup Champions at NC Ruggerfest, 3rd place at Furies Ruggerfest, 5th Annual Cowpie 7s Champions, Reigning Oak City Champions
    • 1 of Only 2 viable teams in Virginia – Only team in Virginia that continues to grow without combining with other teams (like all the other Girls’ teams in VA)
    • Attended CRCs for the first time.
    • First HS Girls team to open for an Old Glory match.
    • 16 consistent rookies in competition
    • 2019 graduates are going to the following programs: UVA, Alderson Broaddus, NOVA Women’s team.
    • 9 players to Rugby VA high-performance team, making up a majority of the team.
    • 5 players became level 1 certified referees.
  • MS Girls:
    • Entered into first tournament as a club team, not combined with other teams (Furies Ruggerfest)
  • Alumni Noteworthy:
    • Ubaida Ahmed – played in 2 International tours for USA Rugby U-20 15s All American-Team and named to the NIRA 15s All-Star team for Mt. St. Mary’s University as a freshman.
    • Emma Auld named to USA Rugby Collegiate All-Americans team as a sophomore
    • Emma Auld and Kirn Kaur named to USAR Collegiate All-American 7s team
    • Harley Divine named co-caption for NIRA/NCAA D1 Varsity West Chester University team.
    • Sydney Jackson invited to USAR All-American Selection day at Sacred Heart University and named rookie of the year for the Colby-Sawyer team.
    • Claire Sedlak named Captain of the D1 Pitt Team
  • Coaches Notes:
    • Shanice Williamson and John Fagan joined the Gators program—thank you for joining.
    • Kat Aversano also helped coach NOVA Women’s RFC to the D1 National Championship, coached at Queens University Talent Camp as Lead Coach, and is working with Washington Scandals for a 3-hour forwards set-piece clinic.
  • 2019-2020 Upcoming:
    • New Coaches Kelly Hein and Ashley George will complete level 200 this fall and join team.
    • 2 level 1 HS referees who will work with MS games (graduated 3 referees and hoping to replace them)
    • 19 returning HS players, 4 of whom are moving up from MS
    • 6 returning MS who played consistently last year
    • Expecting to attend same tournaments this year
    • Girls 7s in the Mid-Atlantic is moving to the fall.  We expect that this will occur in this year, minus a few tournaments that will still be in spring/summer
    • Will Host Dead Hot 7s, girls HS and MS tourney rescheduled from summer
    • 4 tournaments scheduled in October and hoping for 2-3 more for Nov/Dec
    • Partnering with NOVA women to have a pre-tournament skills clinic at WestPo on 6 Oct
    • Partnering with Blair College of Health at Queens University to help develop a “Nutrition for Low Income Athletes” Series.  Queens University is a registered Olympic and Paralympic training partner.
    • Girls have joined the “Team up Speak Up” campaign with the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Officer Elections

John Dacey volunteered to remain as President and Treasurer, motioned by Dale Roach, approved

Jennifer Dennis volunteered to serve as Secretary, motioned by Dale Roach, approved

Gear/Equipment Status

  • Need balls and rucking pads, coaches will work together to complete a combined order
  • Coach Nugent mentioned lineout lifting sleeves, will order some for trial and determine if they want to order more
  • John has tons of freebie stuff–pins, bumper sticker, other goodies – items that can be used as a hand-across at International matches and for standout rookies and other players.
  • We have three torso tackling suits and three full-body tackle suits, if needed
  • We have stickers and plaques for commemorating event – let John know what you would like to do – he will have plaques made to thank Langs for their service.
  • There is a social box in which we have napkins, cups, silverware, etc. Also 2 small grills.

Upcoming Events

  • Looking toward an Alumni touch match thanksgiving weekend, open to all—boys and girls, current and former players, siblings, parents, etc.; will be ad hoc, on WestPo field on Friday or Sat after T-Day
  • 2-nighter at University of Kentucky for boys

New Business

  • Dale Roach brought up Atavus Tackling virtual clinics.  Team will investigate purchase.
  • Recruiting – Word of mouth is best – have players bring friends.  Road signs will be available in the spring; Dacey is ordering the standard magnet order for the fall.